Corix Water Products - United States

At Corix Water Products, we provide top quality water and wastewater utility infrastructure products at competitive prices, from waterworks supplies, pipe, valve and fittings to drainage and stormwater products.

With three branches in Washington, six branches in California, one in Oregon, and one in Texas, Corix is equipped to provide responsive customer service and reliable water and wastewater solutions.

*The supply of products and materials by Corix is subject to our current Terms and Conditions. Download the Corix US Terms and Conditions.

Discover our range of quality water and wastewater products at competitive prices.

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Municipal Water and Wastewater

Corix Water Products provides a wide range of municipal water and wastewater products from pipe and fittings to valves, hydrants, and water meters.

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Corix provides a complete range of drainage products from channel drains to catch basins and geotextiles for residential, commercial, recreational, and agricultural applications. 

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Engineered Products US

Corix Water Products designs and fabricates standard or custom-engineered utility infrastructure systems and packaged solutions for municipal and industrial applications.

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H.B. Jaeger

H. B. Jaeger Company is a wholesale distributor of utility and on-site products. With facilities in Snohomish and Burlington in Washington, they are committed to providing quality products and exceptional service to the trade.

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