City of Kelowna Project Profile

The Client

The City of Kelowna (Kelowna) is the largest city in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Home to approximately 117,000 people, Kelowna is one of Canada’s most livable cities. 

The Challenge

In order to most effectively manage and maximize a vital source of revenue, Kelowna sought an efficient, experienced utility company to deliver a full range of metering services. The City also wanted to provide better value to its residents through the effective use of resources and improved customer services.

The Solution

Today, Corix Utilities provides Kelowna with a complete suite of field metering services, including water meter maintenance, testing and installations, electric and water meter reading. We also deliver related customer care services for an effective, end-to-end “meter-to-cash” process.


To help Kelowna upgrade its aging water meter population, Corix is repairing and replacing old meters and components. Proven meter technology vendor systems are used for all new meter installations and upgrades, providing the capability to convert to Automated Meter Reading (AMR) in the future.


Asset management and service to customers make water meter accuracy essential to Kelowna. Accordingly, Corix conducts regular tests on the City’s water meters to ensure compliance with AWWA Standards. Water meters measuring 4 inches and greater are tested annually, 3 inch water meters are tested every three years, and 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch water meters are tested every four years. Additionally, 1% of the water meters serving the City’s residential population are tested every year.


Corix currently reads all of Kelowna’s water meters, as well as the electric meters located in the City’s downtown core. This totals approximately 31,895 water and electric meter reads each month, and 382,740 reads annually, including meter finals and reactivations.


As the operator of Kelowna’s water meter system, which serves more than 24,500 end customers, Corix delivers a variety of related customer services. These include meter database management, service record maintenance, and water meter audits and reporting. Corix also fields all customer calls, investigates meter-related customer complaints and provides 24/7 emergency response.


As part of its commitment to provide high-value metering solutions, Corix implemented a state-of-the-art customer information system from NorthStar Utilities Solutions. This quickly enhanced both customer service and revenue streams, by enabling Kelowna to easily administer complex (and repetitive) business tasks such as flexible rate structuring, payment plans, deposits, meter management, and reporting. From calculating water and electricity usage to preparing, printing and processing bills, Corix provides Kelowna with comprehensive customer information and billing services, including:

  • Billing
  • Response to billing inquiries
  • Payment and collections 
  • Information management 
  • NorthStar CIS and billing software V6.2.9 

The Bottom Line

By contracting Corix to deliver the metering services it needs, Kelowna gains the expertise, innovation and capabilities required to realize enhanced customer service, increased revenue and a more efficient business model.