City of Surrey Project Profile

The Client

The City of Surrey (Surrey) has been one of British Columbia’s fastest growing cities over the last six years. With approximately 480,000 residents, it is also the province’s second largest city by population after Vancouver.

The Challenge

As a large and rapidly growing municipality, Surrey required an experienced, reliable partner to help install, manage and maintain its water utility needs. The ideal candidate had to be able to deliver a broad range of diverse services, including those related to special initiatives.

The Solution

Corix Utilities now provides the City with a full range of water metering services and support. It offers fully integrated services, products and systems to deliver a complete, effective solution.


Corix currently reads all of Surrey’s water meters, covering some 160,000 meters per year. We also provide ongoing meter repair, upgrade services and on and off-site meter testing to ensure accurate, current and complete metering results.


To ensure all water meters conform to City standards, Corix recently undertook a full meter rectification and inspection program covering almost 600 sites. Older, direct read meters were replaced as required with accurate, state-of-the-art AMR systems and meter vaults were inspected and improved, facilitating future maintenance.


By law, all new residential units in Surrey require water meters. Corix was contracted to install these water meters, with approximately 2,400 new home installations completed per year since 2002.


In 1998, Surrey decided to implement a voluntary water metering incentive program designed to help homeowners conserve water and reduce energy costs. Corix worked with the City to execute the $9 million initiative, providing and installing the required high-tech water meters. Additionally, in order to ensure residents understood the benefits of metering over flat-rate services, as well as the details of the new program, Corix helped create an engaging public outreach program. Response was positive, with participation in the program meeting expectations.

The Bottom Line

By selecting Corix Utilities to be its primary supplier of water utility services, Surrey effectively maximizes its resources, leveraging our breadth of capabilities to streamline all its water utility services.