J. Weber Contracting Project Profile

The Client 

J. Weber Contracting (Weber) is an Ontario-based general contractor that specializes in waterworks utility construction and network installation services. Corix Water Products has partnered with the well-established company for many years, delivering expert customer service and innovative, cost-effective solutions to water and wastewater project challenges.

The Challenge

When the Weber team was awarded the contract to provide a subsurface stormwater management system for the new West End Auto Mall in Mississauga, Ontario, they asked Corix to help. One of the project’s major challenges was the limited site area, which made it difficult to provide the required 3,300 cubic metres of storage volume. Additionally, the project schedule required the installation of the system to be completed quickly during the late fall season.

The Solution

To help maximize the restricted site space and reduce installation time, Corix proposed substituting the originally specified stormwater management system with MC4500 chambers by StormTech. Backed by ADS Canada (a key Corix supplier), the StormTech line of stormwater management products is designed to reduce project costs while meeting regulatory requirements and increasing storage volumes. Through a joint effort, Weber and ADS successfully gained approval to install a system of StormTech’s polypropylene MC4500 chambers at the Auto Mall.


At a pre-construction meeting held at the project site, Corix and ADS leveraged their joint experience to share installation tips and tricks with Weber. Ideas such as initial excavation of the entire system footprint and installation of the inlet manifold (to provide spacing and alignment) were welcomed by the Weber team.


A structurally sound StormTech system, comprised of 655 MC4500 chambers, provided the required storage volume while cutting the number of chambers required in half, compared to the originally specified product. The system footprint remained consistent with the original design layout.


StormTech stormwater management chambers are lightweight and easy to handle. Additionally, the top of each chamber is marked with “install this direction”, allowing for quick installation. As a result, the Auto Mall’s subsurface stormwater management system was completed in roughly four weeks, from initial excavation to final backfill.


StormTech’s stormwater management system chambers are designed to satisfy the structural loading requirements of Section 12.12 of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Bridge Design Specifications.


Every StormTech chamber meets the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard B184.2 and has an anticipated design service life of approximately 100 years. The structural capacity of the StormTech chambers was critical in gaining the necessary approvals, as the project location encroaches on an existing Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) Right of Way and potential future highway expansion may have traffic loading impacts on the StormTech system.

The Bottom Line

By working together, Weber, ADS, and Corix were able to deliver an efficient, cost-effective stormwater management system that addressed the specific needs of the West End Auto Mall. Coupled with the Corix line of pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, and accessories, companies like J. Weber Contracting know they can place their trust in Corix to provide a complete project solution.