Southern California Edison Smart Meter Deployment Project Profile

The Client 

Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. SCE serves 14 million people in 11 counties across central, coastal and Southern California.

The Challenge

Through its Edison “SmartConnect™” program, SCE will empower nearly 5.3 million small commercial and residential customers to make better informed choices about their electricity usage, thereby significantly reducing demand on the energy grid. It sought an innovative, experienced partner to deliver a seamless implementation strategy that could guarantee on-time, on-budget outcomes, without compromising customer service.

The Solution

As the largest roll-out of smart meter technology ever undertaken in the US, the “SmartConnect™” project demanded a comprehensive, multi-layered solution – one that could define new business and technical processes, before addressing the myriad logistical issues associated with implementation. Corix is delivering through four phases that will span five years (2007 – 2012).

Phase I – Project Planning

Provision of consulting services for business process design, initial systems integration work, development of a test plan, and development of a policies and procedures manual. 

Phase II – Pilot Installation and Testing 

Completion of systems integration work and execution of the test plan, including the installation of approximately 10,000 meters. 

Phase III and Phase IV – Meter Deployment

Full deployment of approximately 5.2 million meters. Corix is responsible for virtually every element of the mission, including all the personnel, AMI inventory, equipment, warehouse and office space, software and work management tools required for flawless project execution Carbon neutral

The Verdict

“We chose Corix as a key partner because they had a demonstrated ability to look at complex, demanding challenges, and then design and implement a highly efficient, effective solution,” said James Cherrie, Director of Deployment, Product Management and Operations Center, Edison SmartConnect™. “That ability has been critical to the success of the Edison SmartConnect™ program.”