Corix Companies

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Corix Control Solutions

Corix Control Solutions provides measurement and control equipment to the oil, gas and industrial products sectors in Western Canada

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Corix Utilities

Corix Utilities helps communities build, manage and operate water, wastewater and sustainable energy systems as well as provide field metering services. 

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Corix Water Products

Corix Water Products provides top quality water and wastewater products at competitive prices. We distribute utility infrastructure solutions from waterworks, drainage products, and steel pipe to engineered products and packaged systems.

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Corix Water Products Drainage Section Thumbnail

Spécialités d'aqueduc Corix

La Spécialités d’aqueduc Corix est votre source de produits d’aqueduc à partir de tuyaux et soupapes aux bornes d’incendie, compteurs d’eau et matériaux d’irrigation.

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Corix Water Services

Corix Water Services offers a range of unique, turnkey services for water distribution systems to customers in Ontario, Canada. 

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Corix Water Systems

Corix Water Systems manufactures high-quality packaged, modular and design-build water and wastewater treatment plants for use in municipal and industrial applications.

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Fairbanks Sewer and Water

A wholly owned subsidiary of Corix Utilities, Fairbanks Sewer and Water is the parent company for six closely held subsidiaries, two of which are privately held, publicly regulated water and wastewater utility companies in the greater Fairbanks, Alaska area.

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Utilities, Inc. Thumbnail

Utilities, Inc.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Corix Utilities, Utilities, Inc. is committed to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective water and wastewater service to their customers throughout the United States.

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West Shore Environmental Services

West Shore Environmental Services Inc., a division of Corix Utilities, constructs, owns, operates and maintains extensions to the City of Langford’s sewage collection system.

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