Best Process Selection


Corix Water Systems' range of packaged water treatment plants are custom designed to meet each particular raw water type and flow requirements. We use the most appropriate technology to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution. This requires striking the right balance between treated water quality, reliability, ease of operation, capital and operating costs. Other factors such as public resistance to chemical addition and site restrictions may also influence the final design.


Corix Water Systems' multi-disciplinary engineers are experts in chemical and mechanical processes, automated computer control systems and manufacturing. Corix Water Systems' wide range of process options and on-site pilot testing capabilities ensures the right process is used to provide clean, safe drinking or process water. Our water treatment plants are custom designed to meet the particular challenges of each application and satisfy the pathogen removal credits granted by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Canadian Federal Regulations.

Process options

Corix Water Systems offers a wide range of processes.


  • hydraulic or mechanical


  • tube or plate settlers
  • dissolved air flotation


  • pressure or gravity
  • direct or inline
  • conventional or deep bed
  • mono, dual or mixed media
  • upflow and downflow roughing filters


  • micro-filtration
  • ultra-filtration
  • nano-filtration
  • reverse osmosis

Water treatment plant summary descriptions

Roughing Filter pre-treatment: RF water treatment

  • variable sizes and depths for different applications
  • suitable for stable water less than 30 NTU turbidity
  • non-buoyant media in upflow AC clarifier/roughing filter to remove 60% to 80% or turbidity
  • air/water wash in upflow
  • 10 to 2,800 gpm (50 to 7,500 m3/d) per module

Dissolved Air Flotation: DAF water treatment plant

  • flocculation, dissolved air flotation, filtration
  • excellent removal of color, organics, algae and turbidity up to about 100 NTU
  • DAF clarifier reduces footprint and building costs
  • greater tolerance to changing raw water quality
  • easy operation with rapid start up
  • customized mono or multi-media filter
  • 10 to 1000 gpm (50 to 5000 m3/d) per module

Direct Filtration: DF water treatment plant

  • flocculation, direct filtration
  • suitable for lower turbidity waters with lower threats from pathogens
  • mechanical or hydraulic flocculation
  • mono or multi-media filter
  • 10 to 2,500 gpm (50 to 8,000 m3/d) per module
  • upflow and downflow roughing filters

Membrane Filtration

  • chemical-free treatment with positive barrier protection against pathogens

Tube Settler: ST water treatment plant

  • flocculation, clarification, filtration
  • multi-stage clarification and filtration process for removal of high silt and turbidity loads
  • provides extended detention for cold waters
  • hydraulic or mechanical flocculation
  • 60 degree tube settler with automatic sludge removal
  • customized mono or multi-media filter
  • 10 to 550 gpm (50 to 3,000 m3/d) per module