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Our two locations in Calgary and Edmonton represent major instrumentation and control product manufacturers.

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Name Products
Ashcroft - Calibration instrumentation
- Flow indicators and gauges
Blendtech Injectors  
Challenger Valve  
Crispin Valve  
FMC Invalco - Flowmeters (turbine and prop)
- Level switches
FMC Measurement Solutions - Smith Meter - Blending and batching systems
- Flow computers
- Flow conditioners
- Flow provers
- Flow meters (mass, positive displacement, and ultrasonic)
- Metering solutions - Meter provers
- Turbine meters
- Provers/proving equipment
FMC Measurement Solutions - Smith Systems  
Fontaine Industries  
GE Becker  - Rotary control ball valves
GE Dresser - Consolidated  
GE Dresser - Couplings  
GE Dresser - Masoneilan  
GE Dresser - Roots  
GE Flexflo - Pipeline surge relievers
GE Mooney  - Regulators for gas and liquid service
John Meunier Inc.  
MSU Mississauga  
Preso Flow Metering Equipment - Flow elements (Venturi)
- Flow sensors (averaging pitot)
- Flow totalizers
- Flowmeters (pitot, Venturi, and flow)
Protego Flame arrestors, valves, tank accessories 
Research Control Valves  
Rodney Hunt  Fontaine sluice gates
SPX - Pneumatic Products Corporation - Instrument air systems and gas dryers
Sure Flow Equipment  
Ultimo Non-Nuclear Density Meter Industrial instrumentation equipment

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