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At Corix Water Products, we provide top quality water and wastewater utility infrastructure products at competitive prices, from waterworks supplies, pipe, valve and fittings, drainage and stormwater products to irrigation equipment, engineered products and packaged systems.

With 34 branches throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, Corix is equipped to provide responsive customer service and reliable water and wastewater solutions.

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Discover our range of quality water and wastewater products at competitive prices.

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Corix provides a complete range of drainage products from channel drains to catch basins and geotextiles for residential, commercial, recreational, and agricultural applications.

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Engineered Products and Packaged Solutions

Corix Water Products designs and fabricates standard or custom-engineered utility infrastructure systems and packaged solutions for municipal and industrial applications.

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Corix Water Products offers a complete line of geosynthetics, geotextiles, and erosion control products for all your industrial and municipal applications.

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With a complete HDPE fabrication shop, technicians, and a full fleet of fusion machines, Corix can provide ‘start-to-finish’ HDPE services and supplies.

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Industrial and Mining

We distribute a wide selection of products ideal for a variety of industrial and mining applications, such as chemical processing, acid systems, chlorine injection, water treatment, and more.

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Corix Water Products provides quality residential, commercial, golf, and agricultural irrigation products and landscaping supplies from leading manufacturers.

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We offer a comprehensive range of integrated solutions to meet the needs of engineers and contractors in commercial, institutional, and industrial construction.

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Corix offers measurement equipment, automatic meter reading systems, and advanced metering infrastructure devices. We also carry a variety of meter setters and valve and meter boxes from leading manufacturers.

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Municipal Water and Wastewater

We provide a wide range of municipal water and wastewater products from pipe and fittings to valves, hydrants, and water meters.

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Corix Water Products is your complete source for pump products and solutions. We'll help you select the right pump for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment, potable water transmission, sump and sewage ejection, and more.

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Corix supplies a complete inventory of valves for water distribution and transmission service as well as water and wastewater treatment service.

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