Sensus Lead-Free Composite Water Meters

As a leader in addressing lead-related concerns, Sensus offers products constructed with durable composite materials that create a new standard in the water metering industry. These zero-lead composite meters contain absolutely 0.00% lead. This technology protects utility customers from any type of lead exposure from the water meter and ensures that utilities will continue to be in compliance with all future changes to the NSF standards and government laws regarding lead.


The Sensus iPERL water management system offers unparalleled low flow accuracy with high flow durability. It features innovative magnetic technology that allows for the capture of previously unmeasured low flow and drives additional revenue for the utility. The iPERL is 100% lead-free with no moving parts and maintains its accuracy over a 20-year lifetime. 

To learn more about lead-free composite meters, download the Sensus whitepaper on Composite Water Meters (pdf PDF 74 KB) or visit

Sensus iPerl No-Lead Water Meter