Contract Meter Reading

Corix Utility Services has provided over 400 million water, gas and electric meter reads and can easily assist with your meter reading needs.

Safety first

Safety is our number one priority. We promote a proactive approach for a safe work environment. Daily, weekly and monthly safety meetings equip our employees with safe work skills. Learn more about Corix's safety program (pdfPDF 300 KB).

Professional staff

Our highly-trained meter readers are efficient, accurate, and timely. The work of each staff member is audited to verify quality workmanship and proper meter reading practices.

Performance monitoring and measurement

Corix has strict quality and accuracy standards. We provide continual training to our employees to ensure that all performance and customer relation standards are met. Our in-field quality checks ensure professional installations and verify quality workmanship and proper meter reading practices are met.

Corix Utility Services monitors and measures individual and overall project performance to ensure your project runs smoothly and stays on schedule and within budget.

Customer service

Corix places a high priority on minimizing inconveniences to your customers. We include customer service training in our training procedures to ensure that your customers receive the service they deserve. For example, we can help you communicate the benefits of an upcoming change, for reduced callbacks and increased acceptance.

Learn about how Corix provided comprehensive metering services to the City of Kelowna and the City of Surrey. 

Corix Utilities Meter Reader

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