Leaders in the low-carbon energy infrastructure of tomorrow.

Corix brings low-carbon energy systems to life by building enduring infrastructure for communities across North America.

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What We Do

Developing Low-Carbon Energy Solutions

Our expertise in developing, implementing and operating energy systems from inception to completion – and beyond – is unmatched. From single sites to master-planned communities, we develop sustainable and scalable solutions that meet our customers’ heating and cooling needs – today and for the future.

Corix currently owns and operates 12 thermal energy systems across North America, including over a century of operation at Cleveland Thermal in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

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Who We Are

A Trusted, Experienced Energy Developer

Partnering with Corix means decades of experience developing and operating customized, flexible energy solutions and business models tailored to your unique needs. Creating sustainable, enduring infrastructure means we offer expert support from start to finish – and beyond. 

While no two developments are identical, our array of low-carbon technologies will help ensure the long-term health of your project and the comfort of your customers.

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