Dockside Green Project Profile

The Client

Dockside Green is a unique, sustainable community for approximately 2,500 residents which is currently under development near Victoria Harbour on Vancouver Island.

The Challenge

Dockside Green is North America’s first community to target Leadership in Energy and Environment Design’s (LEED) Platinum status, the highest green standard achievable. Accordingly, it sought innovative, largely self-sufficient utility systems that could use waste from one system to fuel others.

The Solution

Corix is a key partner in this unique development, where we are an owner and the manager of the district energy system through Dockside Green Energy. Corix also operates a state-of-the-art wastewater facility located directly within the community.

Carbon neutral

Dockside Green will be entirely greenhouse gas neutral due to the innovative design of its district energy system. This system uses hydronic (water) energy fuelled by locally-sourced, renewable wood waste to heat homes and for domestic hot water.


In order to conserve water, the wastewater system combines reclaimed treated water with rainwater to service toilets, rooftop gardens and the community’s landscaping features.


Dockside Green’s wastewater treatment plant is designed to incorporate a heat recovery system to provide supplemental energy for the district energy system as the community grows.

The Bottom Line

By partnering with Corix, Dockside Green gains expertise, innovation and capabilities that ensure the community will remain a benchmark of sustainability for years to come.