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Cleveland Thermal Phases Out Coal, Constructs New High-Efficiency Energy Plant to Serve Downtown Cleveland

May 12, 2017

CLEVELAND, OH  – At a ribbon cutting event on Friday, May 12, 2017, Cleveland Thermal celebrated the opening of its newly constructed Hamilton Steam Generating Plant.

The opening of the plant was made official with a ribbon cutting.

The opening of the plant was made official with a ribbon cutting. Left to right: State Rep. Martin J. Sweeney (D-Cleveland), Marc Divis (President, Cleveland Thermal), Gordon Barefoot (Chair, Corix Board of Directors), Scott Thomson (President & CEO, Corix), John Ryan,(Senator Sherrod Brown’s Office), and Lincoln Webb (Corix Board of Directors & SVP, Infrastructure & Renewable Resources, bcIMC)

The new high-efficiency plant will serve downtown Cleveland, and represents one of Cleveland’s largest air quality improvement projects. The Hamilton plant generates 100 per cent of the steam supply for the downtown district energy system, replacing the older and less efficient Canal Road plant that relied on coal as the primary fuel. Replacing coal with natural gas-fired steam production reduces Cleveland Thermal’s overall carbon emissions by 84 per cent.

“We’re honored to share the good news of this exciting development with our customers and the Cleveland community,” said Marc Divis, President of Cleveland Thermal. “Our customers are the cornerstone of this investment. They have entrusted us to meet their needs for reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy. The construction of this plant is the foundation for clean, high-efficiency energy service for our customers and is another step in the historic rejuvenation of our proud city.”

Transitioning from coal to natural gas is an important step toward the modernization and revitalization of historic infrastructure assets in downtown Cleveland. The plant incorporates sustainable energy design principles that will provide the community with a clean, sustainable thermal energy supply for decades to come.

In-house engineers partnered with Cleveland-based engineers and contractors (including local, minority, female, and small business participation) to complete construction of the new plant, which has been operational since January 21, 2017.

Speakers at the ceremony included:

  • Marc Divis – President, Cleveland Thermal
  • Scott Thomson – President and CEO, CORIX Group of Companies
  • Kevin Kelley – Council President, City of Cleveland
  • John W Ryan – State Director, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)
  • Martin Sweeney – Ohio State Representative (D-Cleveland) 

Fast Facts

  • Cleveland Thermal is the second oldest licensed franchise in Cleveland
  • District steam operations started in 1894
  • District cooling added in 1993
  • Switch to natural gas reduces carbon emissions by 49,200 tons = carbon absorption from 19,000 acres of dense forest
  • Heating capacity of the plant = 6,000 Cleveland homes
  • More than 200,000 person-hours involved in construction
  • 7,100 feet of new piping infrastructure installed underground = 24 lengths of a football field
  • 1 MW of electricity generated from installed waste heat capture = covering the entire roof of Quicken Loans Arena in solar panels
Exterior of the Hamilton Avenue plant
Exterior of the Hamilton Avenue Steam Generating Plant.

Three 21-ton natural gas-fired boilers were installed.

Three 21-ton natural gas-fired boilers were installed to deliver heat to downtown Cleveland.

Gas is delivered to the plant to generate heat for steam production.

The newly constructed plant uses natural gas for steam production.

About Cleveland Thermal
Serving its customers since 1894, Cleveland Thermal is downtown Cleveland’s leading business district energy provider, supplying both thermal heating and district cooling systems. The utility serves several landmark properties, including commercial, municipal, federal, and institutional buildings. Cleveland Thermal was acquired in 2015 by the Corix Group of Companies. For more information, visit

About Corix

With over 100 years of experience, the Corix Group of Companies is a leading provider of sustainable utility infrastructure solutions across North America. Corix has over 2,200 employees operating in 7 provinces and 27 states. Corix is privately held, with the BC Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) as its primary owner. For more information, visit

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