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Here’s where you’ll find information on how to read your bill and make payments.

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Understanding Your Bill

Accounts Billing Sample Bill

  1. Account Number

    Your 10-digit Account Number should be referenced on all correspondence and payments

  2. Bill Summary

    Billing and due dates, and total payment due

  3. Corix Contacts

    Customer Care, emergency, and other contact information

  4. Billing and Consumption History

    At-a-glance graphs will appear depending on your services

  5. Detachable Portion

    Attach this lower portion with mailed payments. Please write your 10-digit Account Number on the front of all cheques

  6. Payee Name and Remit Address

    Please ensure your online banking and cheques are completed accordingly

Paying Your Bill

Electronic Fund Transfer

Reach out to us at for electronic payment information. 


You can use the information in the Payment Remittance section of your utility bill to complete and mail cheques or money orders. Don’t forget to include the 10-digit Account Number on the front!

Regulatory Affairs

Rates and Tariffs

Learn about your rates, recent regulatory proceedings, and view the current tariff.

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