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Wildfire Concern - But Please Don't Tamper with Your Water System

Jul 28, 2021

We have received reports from Canadian Lakeview Estates customers of residents attaching water hoses to community fire hydrants – apparently in an effort to protect their property in the event of fire.

We understand the heightened wildfire concern, but we remind all residents that fire hydrants, and all parts of the water and wastewater system, are OFF LIMITS to unauthorized personnel.

Any attempt to extract water from the system, be it hydrants, curb stops, and other valves, poses a serious danger to the individual attempting such an act, and to the safety and integrity of the entire system. It may even impede firefighters in an emergency. It also exposes violators to considerable legal liability.

If you or anyone you know has done this, please remove these fixtures immediately.

Please report any further violations to Corix Customer Care, so that we can report these to local police for investigation.


 Protecting your home from wildfires

  1. For home fire emergencies, always call 911.
  2. To report a wildfire, call 1.800.663.5555 or *5555
  3. Read the BC Government’s FireSmart Manual – a very thorough manual for homeowners.
  4. Review your homeowner’s insurance to ensure you’re adequately protected against fire risk.
  5. If you believe an additional supply of water will help protect against fire, consider an onsite bulk water container.

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