Meet Our Employees

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Lynda – Project Engineer

“I help manage the construction and implementation of district energy systems. As each project starts new phases regularly, this keeps my job interesting and exciting as I get to be involved with each stage, from planning and design, to construction. This position is my first job related to my university studies and has allowed me to gain a lot of experience on a daily basis.

With the various industries Corix is involved in, from water products, controls, water/wastewater treatment, and sustainable energy, the amount of knowledge within Corix’s roster of employees is invaluable and there is always someone who is willing to help you work through a problem.”

Janet – Administrative Assistant

“I started as a temp, handling Accounts Payable and within nine months I was hired fulltime as an Administrative Assistant. I absolutely love the diversity of my work and the ability to switch hats whenever it is needed.

Our team has just completed a multi-million dollar project, a boiler conversion from coal to clean burning natural gas, so it is a very exciting time to work for the Cleveland branch. Our President is a big believer in people going outside of their comfort zone and I appreciated the opportunity to be part of the team, allowing me to fully understand how our plant operates and how we supply district steam and chilled water to our customers.

I also work with a fantastic group of people. Our personalities are so diverse, but we are kind and supportive of each other and always find time to laugh throughout the day.”

Chris – Analyst, Corporate Development

“I work in corporate development and depending on the project, I could be working on financial models or drafting reports. My favorite part about my job is when a new project comes across my desk, there is a certain level of curiosity and excitement that transpires as the team begins the analysis/evaluation stage.

When I first started with Corix my impression was how friendly and welcoming everyone was. With any new experience, there is a natural tendency to be a bit nervous but thanks to the amazing people that I work with, those feelings were gone within seconds. I was surprised that although Corix is such a large, geographically spread-out organization, there is still a close connection between locations spanning from nearly every corner of Canada and the United States.”

Navie  – IT Trainer 

"Joining Corix has been one of the best decisions of my life! In February 2011, I joined Corix as a part of the Help Desk team and after only six months, I was promoted to IT Trainer. I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back – truly enjoying every moment and experience I receive at Corix.

Being a Trainer allows you to work with so many of Corix’s diverse and talented members. Time flies when you’re having fun!  At Corix, you are encouraged to take initiative with projects you believe can add value. In return, Corix will provide the support and training required for you to achieve your goals. The Corix environment fosters learning and growing – if you put your mind to it, you can go as far as you want."

Carl – Utilities Foreman

"I joined Corix in August of 2010 after spending 28 years with the University of Oklahoma. At the beginning, this transition was fairly difficult for me; however, it quickly became clear that Corix was the best move of my life.

During my initial weeks, Corix provided me with extensive safety and work training, enabling me to promptly integrate and gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization. Never before have I worked for a company that is so respectful and supportive of their employees. Corix is truly one big family and this is one of the many reasons why I love my job."

Sam – IT Security Manager

"I began my career with Corix ten years ago as Senior Network Administrator, moved to Infrastructure Services Manager and was recently promoted to IT Security Manager.

I’m now responsible for governance and oversight of the company’s cyber security solutions. The world of cyber security moves very quickly, is confronted with new security risks every day, so it is an exciting challenge and a very interesting area to work in.

Corix has a very welcoming environment and I’ve appreciated the opportunities I have been given to be challenged, improving and proving my skills."

Simon – Manager, Treasury and Credit

"I received an opportunity to move up in the organization after only three years with the company. Corix realizes their success is contingent on people who are willing and eager to be part of the excitement and the challenges of growing a business. They provide opportunities for personal growth through training and leadership opportunities."

Carol – Vice President and Chief Information Officer

"I've been working at Corix for 16 years, and I am still excited to come to work every day. Corix is a dynamic company that always has a very clear strategy and vision on where it is going, and I always understand how my role contributes to the accomplishment of that strategy, which makes my day-to-day work meaningful. As Corix is a high growth company, there are always many exciting projects and initiatives for employees to work on.

Corix has attracted many very talented, high achievement orientated employees, which makes working in an executive management role here a very positive experience. As a person who thrives on challenge and achieving goals, the growth of the company provides many opportunities for exciting challenges and our skilled employees allows us to experience success over and over again on many fronts. I feel I have many different career options available to me, as well as the support to pursue opportunities that interest me. Combined with the diversity and continued growth of the company, the opportunities for personal growth and development are plentiful."