Benefits of Cleveland Thermal's District Energy Systems

Worry-Free Operations 

You can count on Cleveland Thermal to provide the heating and/or cooling services your  building needs – keeping your tenants and visitors comfortable and your processes running smoothly.

Compared to the operations and maintenance requirements of traditional heating and cooling methods, district steam provides long-term savings through decreased overall maintenance costs and improved automation options for services.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved management of contingency plans
  • Reduced need for back-up generators or fuel – or the storage, permitting, and maintenance they require
  • Superior reliability – our team works around the clock to prevent service interruptions
  • Redundancy

Decreased Building Costs

Buildings connected to Cleveland Thermal’s district energy system have constant, worry-free access to thermal energy and can use it immediately, without the need for boilers, furnaces, or air conditioning systems.  Eliminates the need for reinvestment when the boiler and/or chillers are at the end of their useful life.

Without heating and cooling equipment to maintain, customers enjoy lower investment risk, fewer permitting requirements, and reduced ongoing operating costs. Capital dollars that would otherwise be spent on infrastructure remain available for other priorities. This maximizes our customers’ debt capacity and ability to reduce property taxes.

Buildings that use chilled water for air conditioning also reduce their reliance on electric power. Savings increase during the hottest times of the day when both usage and electricity costs are the highest. Chilled water typically reduces peak electric power demand by 15 percent, which lowers per kilowatt-hour usage and overall electricity expenses.  

Additional cost-saving opportunities exist for steam customers that can repurpose condensate remaining on site to pre-heat domestic hot water or as grey or makeup water. Thinking of selling? District energy lowers total ownership costs and increases the property values.

Increased Building Flexibility

Without the need for on-site heating and cooling equipment, building owners and managers have more available space to use for other purposes.

Energy Efficiency

When your steam or chilled water arrives at your building, it is ready to use and 100 percent efficient. Compare that to the efficiency of the alternate fuel you would use to power your own on-site boilers or refrigeration units. It won’t compare.

Competitive Pricing

Cleveland Thermal determines competitive rates and services based on your building’s long-term financial and service requirements. We work with our customers to tailor solutions designed to address long-term utility needs within their budgets and with maximum pricing stability.

To that end, we offer 10- to 20-year term contracts and competitive flat rate packages that provide you with market stability and protection from fuel price fluctuations.

Environmental Protection

District energy facilitates two kinds of environmental safeguarding – on-site and at the plant.
Without on-site equipment to operate and maintain, customers are released from the need to acquire, store and use fuel, CFCs and refrigerants – and the many associated management issues, costs and regulations. Fuels and refrigerants are used only at our centralized plant, where they are protected by trained personnel in accordance with strict protocols. 

Thermal energy is produced locally, transmitted efficiently over short distances, and arrives ready to use. The district energy heating and cooling processes are extremely efficient and produce less emissions or fewer harmful by-products. Delivery to the customer is always the same thermal value, never loses efficiency as on-site equipment does.

Conversion to Natural Gas

With the conversion of our steam system from coal to natural gas, Cleveland Thermal is taking responsible action to reduce our greenhouse gas and emission production through the use of cleaner fuel.

Our company employs stringent emissions controls that help to improve local air quality. We are Energy Information Administration approved and are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. The environmental benefits of district energy are also recognized by the US Green Building Council, which allocates points towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for the use of district steam and chilled water.

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