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Experience the Cleveland Thermal difference

A district energy system provides steam and chilled water from a central plant eliminating the need for building owners to install and maintain expensive on-site HVAC equipment. District energy also establishes energy cost controls by offering fuel source flexibility and long-term contracts.

District steam from Cleveland Thermal is used for heating, cooling, domestic hot water heating, humidification, and several other process applications. The extensive steam distribution system spans Downtown Cleveland with more than 15 miles of underground pipe.

Cleveland Thermal’s district chilled water system provides chilled water for cooling and dehumidification. The closed-loop system circulates the return water removing the absorbed heat and re-cooling it for reuse, making it the most efficient and economical solution for space conditioning.

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What is District Energy?

District energy systems centralize the production of heating or cooling to buildings within its service area. It provides continuous, worry-free access to thermal energy without the need for on-site boilers, furnaces, or air conditioning systems.

Benefits of District Energy



Reductions in input energy costs through greater efficiencies, and the ability to take advantage of price and supply fluctuations.



Comprehensive contingency and redundancy plans guarantee 24/7 system reliability, and reduced burden on building managers.



District energy greatly reduces on-site HVAC system maintenance costs, staffing needs, and safety requirements.

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