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Cleveland Thermal, a member of the Corix Group of companies, is an independently owned district energy company that supplies renewable chilled water and steam to commercial, institutional, governmental, and residential clients in the downtown Cleveland Business District.

district steam

District Steam

The district heating system provides steam for can be used for heating, cooling, domestic hot water heating, humidification, and a number of other process applications. The steam is generated from our Hamilton Ave. plant and delivered to more than 30-million square feet of commercial property. 

The economic impact of district steam can be calculated both in terms of energy use and capital expenditures. Customers only pay for the energy they use, avoid the overhead associated with installing and maintaining on site HVAC equipment, and long-term price stability.

District energy also has positive environmental benefits, such as reduction of CO2 and improved air quality.

district cooling

District Cooling

Cleveland Thermal’s district chilled water system was commissioned in April 1993. The closed loop system provides chilled water for cooling and dehumidification and delivers an efficient and economical solution for space conditioning.

District cooling’s operational efficiencies and economies of scale result in improved tenant comfort and lower energy bills. Also, district energy’s closed-loop system allows for the chilled water to be returned to the plant for reuse.

Besides a reduction in CO2 emission, district cooling also eliminates hazardous refrigerants that are common to traditional air conditioning units.

Experience the Benefits of District Energy

District energy systems are highly flexible and scalable. They also provide significant economic and environmental advantages compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.

  • Eliminates the need for installation and maintenance of expensive onsite HVAC equipment
  • Establishes energy cost controls by offering fuel source flexibility and long-term contracts
  • Frees up space in buildings by eliminating the need for boilers and chillers
  • Delivers a reliable energy source as a centralized plant can accommodate peak demand and is resilient to extreme weather events
  • Improves energy efficiency and lowers greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces waste as a closed-loop system recaptures spent energy and condensate for reuse

30 percent supply

Downtown Cleveland’s thermal energy needs met by Cleveland Thermal

25 million sq feet

Built-out space relying on our heating and cooling plants and infrastructure

99.9 percent reliability

We apply the latest technologies, rigorous maintenance protocols, and built-in redundancy to achieve this result

We're Not Your Typical HVAC Provider

In addition to providing reliable, cost-effective, and efficient heating and cooling, Cleveland Thermal also offers many value-added services designed to optimize your air handling equipment, identify opportunities to conserve energy, and manage heating and cooling costs.

workman icon building value

Building Value

Cleveland Thermal partners with our customers to establish environmental and conservation best practices that can lead to cost savings. Beginning with an energy assessment, we identify energy use deficiencies and recommend improvements. For long-term benefits, a life cycle analysis of mechanicals and equipment is completed, and preventative and predictive maintenance plans are established. Included services are:

  • Energy Star and LEED benchmarking and certification
  • Control system integration
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Mechanical and electrical retrofitting

system surveys evaluations

System Surveys and Analysis

Cleveland Thermal’s mechanical engineers are thermal heating and cooling experts. With extensive experience in the design, implementation, and operation of heating, air conditioning, and cooling systems, their knowledge is available to our customers in a consultative capacity.

To protect your equipment investment and help plan for future capital expenditures, Cleveland Thermal will complete a life cycle analysis of mechanicals and equipment. We will then work with you to establish preventative and predictive maintenance plans to proactively identify and prioritize HVAC maintenance tasks.

system training

System Training

District energy heating and cooling systems operate differently from conventional, self-contained HVAC units. To assist our customers in the proper use of our service we offer on-site System Training for a customer’s facility team.

By sharing our expertise with our customers, we ensure the optimal operation and performance of the district energy heating and cooling service. Equipped with the proper knowledge, our customers can operate and maintain their internal system to maximize the benefits of district energy.