District Cooling

Cleveland Thermal’s district chilled water system was commissioned in April 1993. The closed loop system provides chilled water for cooling and dehumidification. The reach of the Cleveland Thermal system is unmatched; making it the most efficient and economical solution for space conditioning.

Here are some quick facts on district chilled water:

  • District chilled water is the only proven hedge against rising electric rates
  • The closed loop system circulates the return water to and from the Hamilton Avenue plant, removing the absorbed heat and re-cooling it for additional, recycled supply
  • Chilled water reduces customers’ peak electric power demand by an average of 15%, lowering kilowatt-hour use as well as overall electric costs
  • Chilled water service can be fully automated to further reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Chilled water service eliminates all on-site CFC and refrigerant management issues
  • The Hamilton Avenue plant contains the largest centrifugal chiller plant in Northeast Ohio
  • Cleveland Thermal’s chilled water generation facility offers the lowest operating cost mix by utilizing electric and steam-driven chillers
  • Cleveland Thermal’s infrastructure is built with 250 lbs. class ductile iron pipe, built for a century of service
  • The 40°F chilled water supplied for cooling reduces typical consumption and improves overall system operation
  • Central plant chemical treatment minimizes scale build-up in building systems, which increases efficiency

Cleveland Thermal’s district energy solutions are cost effective, enhance property value, and deliver energy efficiency. 

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