District Steam

District steam from Cleveland Thermal can be used for heating, cooling, domestic hot water heating, humidification, and a number of other process applications. The extensive steam distribution system spans Downtown Cleveland with more than 15 miles of underground pipe.

Below are some quick facts on district steam:

  • Results in a 50% smaller carbon footprint than traditional electric generation plants
  • Eliminates infrastructure costs and permit barriers typical with developing a new facility
  • Operates at higher efficiency compared to on-site boiler equipment
  • District energy can count for points toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council
  • Achieve 99.9% reliability as a result of redundancy from multiple production and infrastructure feeds
  • Easy-to-use and requires less skilled labor to operate and maintain
  • Has a cooling load of 4,500 tons of connected steam-power in the summer months with an available 45,000 tons remaining
  • Frees up space in existing and new construction projects that are normally reserved for boilers, thus allowing for further flexibility in layout and design of the project
  • Requires no on-site fuel storage capacity or back-up generation equipment
  • Steam condensate can be used on site to pre-heat domestic hot water, re-purposed for grey water use (i.e. irrigation, ice melt, etc.) or as a means for supplying cooling tower make-up water

Cleveland Thermal’s district energy solutions are cost-effective, enhance property value, and deliver energy efficiency. 

Contact us to learn how Cleveland Thermal can become your building's district energy provider.