Value Added Services

Helping You Maximize Building Performance

In addition to reliable, cost-effective, and efficient heating and cooling, Cleveland Thermal offers many value-added services designed to identify opportunities to conserve energy and reduce costs. These include: 

  • Energy assessments and audits
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Mechanical/electrical retro-fitting
  • Control system replacement/integration
  • Life cycle analysis
  • ENERGY STAR and LEED benchmarking and certification
  • Renewable and waste to energy assessment and project implementation
  • Maintenance and service contracting

Investing for Your Benefit

Over the years, Cleveland Thermal has invested $45 million to improve our systems and increase boiler efficiencies. These investments have saved our customers more than $46 million over the past 10 years alone. 

Our processes use a combination of fuel oil, natural gas, electricity, and steam. This flexibility allows us to adjust our fuel sources and shift to the most cost-competitive fuel at any given time.

Energy costs are slightly higher during peak usage hours. Cleveland Thermal customers have been able to reduce peak demand electricity usage, which in turn reduces their overall cost per kilowatt hour. Our value-added services also help customers manage other aging systems within their buildings to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency.

Contact us to learn how Cleveland Thermal can become your building's district energy provider.