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EFT Icon InvoiceSubmitting Invoices

If you're a US or Canadian based Corix supplier, please follow this process:

  1. 1. Prepare your Invoice
    • Invoices must be in pdf file format, and typed not handwritten
    • A PO Number must be included
    • When emailing multiple invoices, each invoice must be submitted as a separate pdf file
  2. 2. Email your Invoice
  3. 3. Request Electronic Payment
    • ACH/EFT is our preferred payment option

EFT Icon TransferACH/EFT Electronic Payments

We're pleased to offer electronic ACH/EFT payments. Payment by ACH/EFT is secure and eliminates the possibility of stolen/lost payments. It also reduces your paper handling costs and is more environmentally friendly. To enroll, simply complete the appropriate Payment Enrollment Form and email to

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