Ethics Policy

Corix Infrastructure Inc. and all of its subsidiaries strictly comply with our Corporate policies, procedures, and guidelines including the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy. This reflects our commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of security holders, employees, customers, and other people with whom we do business.

Our employees, managers, and vendors are responsible for striving to ensure our behavior is ethical and for taking steps to resolve ethical dilemmas. As business becomes increasingly complex, Corix has taken steps to ensure our employees have the opportunity to seek clarification and guidance on the policies, procedures, and guidelines.

To ensure those who are external to Corix also have an opportunity to request guidance or make a good-faith report about misconduct or a perceived violation of this policy, another company policy or procedure, or a government law or regulation, questionable business practices, potential fraud, or accounting, or auditing matters that may not be in compliance, Corix has set up a Confidential Reporting Line that can be accessed via email.


The Confidential Reporting Line is a convenient and confidential way to seek assistance and report potential violations regarding ethics and compliance issues. All submissions raised will be assigned to the appropriate person to maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality and investigate the matter as required.