Solid Waste Disposal

Harmony offers residents a curbside Garbage and Recycling Program, which is paid through your HAWSCO monthly utility bill. Each residence is provided with three carts.

Please Note

  • Friday is the weekly pickup day
  • Please set your carts out before 7 AM Fridays
  • Cart lids must fully closed (overflowing carts will not be collected)
  • Empty carts can blow around during strong winds

Download the Harmony Garbage, Recycling, and Compost Services brochure to learn more.

Proper Cart Placement

Collection trucks with automated arms are used to collect waste, recycling and organics carts.

Proper cart placement for pickup


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weekly collection schedule?

Weekly pickups are on Fridays between 7 AM and 7 PM. Be sure to place your carts out before 7 AM. 

Why do I have to have my carts out by 7 AM if the trucks don’t come by until later in the day?

Trucks go along each route to collect each stream of material separately (one for waste, one for recycling, and one for organics). The order in which the trucks go along the routes can change without notice, especially as new areas are added in the Harmony community.

The waste management company is contracted to collect your waste on collection day, but the time is not specified. If you place your carts out after 7 AM. and the truck has already passed your house, the material that truck was collecting will not be picked up since the next trip will be for a different stream of material.

Some or all of my bins were not picked up. Why?

The most common reason carts are not collected is that they were not set out on time (this is not specific to Harmony).

Other reasons include:

  • Not leaving enough clearance – 2 metres on all sides, including away from a fence
  • The cart not being placed on the street if you have front collection – for example, it is left back on the driveway or boulevard between the curb and the sidewalk
  • Carts facing the wrong way – the wheels should be against the curb or toward the property line and on level ground
  • Organics or recycling carts being contaminated with materials that cannot be composted or recycled – drivers will tag carts to let residents know the reason, but a tag will not be applied if the cart was not set out
  • Carts being blocked by a vehicle – either a tradesperson’s, neighbour’s, or the homeowner’s

I wasn’t aware of some of these guidelines and one or some of these reasons apply to me, what should I do?

If one or all of your carts was not collected and the reason is clear (see list above), please use the cart as outlined and it will be collected the following week if the problem is rectified.

If you suspect that work is going to be done on a neighbouring home and that tradespeople may park in front of your carts, let Corix Customer Care know in advance and we will make every effort to advise them ahead of Friday collections.

None of these apply to me, what should I do?

If none of the above reasons for missed collection apply to you and one or all of your carts were missed during pickup hours (Fridays between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.), let Corix Customer Care know as soon as possible so we can investigate it with the waste management company.

Will I be reimbursed on my bill if my carts were not collected?

No. At this time, HAWSCO will not be reimbursing homeowners’ Solid Waste Management fees for non-collection. If you have an ongoing issue with missed collection, we will continue to work with you individually to investigate and resolve the issue with the waste management company.

What if I don’t have carts when I move in?

We understand that occupancy dates might change, and you may have moved in earlier than planned. Contact Corix Customer Care to let us know that you have moved in and require carts, and we will let the waste management company know to drop off your bins.