Our Services

Delivering community services to Heritage Pointe 

Water and sewer services

Corix provides water and wastewater services to the Heritage Pointe subdivision and adjacent golf course. The Utility consists of a water treatment plant, water distribution system, wastewater treatment plant and collection system.

Corix owns and operates the water system at Heritage Pointe, providing safe drinking water and fire protection to over 700 customers. This includes filtered and treated domestic water for use by residents. (Approximately 670 of the 700 current connections use treated, potable water for irrigation purposes. All future homes will use raw water from storm ponds for residential irrigation).

The wastewater treatment plant uses a membrane filtration system that has a smaller building footprint than traditional plants and treats discharge effectively before it is returned to the Bow River.

Bulk Water Sales

Corix Utilities provides bulk water sales and raw water for irrigation requirements at the Heritage Pointe Bulk Water Station located on Pine Creek Road.

Customer care and monthly billing

In addition to water and sewer services, Corix also provides customer care programs, including 24/7 emergency response services and emergency call centres, meter reading services, monthly billing and payment processing. Learn more about your account and billing.