Procedures for Withdrawing Water

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Once your bulk water purchase account has been approved, your truck has been inspected by a Corix operator and you have received your key fob, you can begin withdrawing water from the bulk station.

  1. Turn your vehicle engine OFF when filling your tank. 
  2. Ensure that the valve selector switch is in the OFF position. 
  3. Place your key fob briefly on the reader plate to match the decals. 
  4. When the ENTER VOLUME appears, enter the required load volume in LITRES, then press the ENTER button to confirm. 
  5. Once the required load volume has been reached, the station will automatically stop filling. In the event that the filling process needs to be stopped prior to the completion of the entered volume, turn the selector switch to OFF.  
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If you experience problems with the Computrol unit, please contact the Corix office at 403-371-6988 to report the problem.

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  • Corix Utilities is not responsible for the quality of the water once it leaves the bulk water station.
  • Corix can turn off the bulk stations at any time, during water conservation times.
  • To convert to litres, multiply the volume of your tank in imperial gallons by 4.54. The most common tank sizes are listed below.

Conversion Chart

 Imperial Gallons Litres Cubic Meters
100 454 0.454
200 908 0.908
300 1,362 1.362
500 2,272 2.272
1,000 4,540 4.540
1,500 6,810 6.810
3,000 13,620 13.620
3,500 15,890 15.890

1,000 litres = 1 cubic meter
220.26 gallons = 1 cubic meter