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Questions Regarding Proposed Property Development

Dec 14, 2020

As you may be aware, we are presently working with a developer wishing to connect to our water and wastewater infrastructure. We want to assure customers that we have processes in place to ensure new connections to the existing system will not have negative impacts on existing customers; be it water rates or system functionality.

Water Utility

A principle part of that process is the completion of a standardized Main Lines Extension Test (MX Test). If the results of the MX Test indicate the proposed development will have a positive impact on rates, or at very least no negative impacts, then an Application would be filed with the Alberta Utilities Commission citing the results of the MX Test. If the MX Test indicates rate payers would be negatively impacted, then Corix would only proceed if the developer agrees to a financial contribution to preserve existing rates.

Wastewater Utility

Although the wastewater utility is not regulated, Corix follows the same procedures applied to the water utility (except for the regulatory filing). This ensures rates paid by existing customers are not negatively impacted by the proposed development.

Additionally, Corix has engaged a consultant (at the developer’s expense) to confirm there is adequate system capacity as stated in Corix's letter to the developer dated October 30, 2020 and recommend optimal pipeline routing and required easements for construction.

We will provide further updates as this process proceeds. Should you have questions, please contact Corix Customer Care.

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