Payment Terms and Conditions


The Customer will be required to pay a Sewer User Fee. Payment of the Sewer User Fee may be made by cash, credit, debit, cheque or electronic funds transfer. Payments can also be made online through all major banks and credit unions. Please ensure your payee search is for Westshore (or West Shore) Environmental Services and not Corix, as this will cause a delay in processing. 

Late Payment Charge

If the amount due for the Sewer User Fee has not been paid in full and received by West Shore Environmental Services (WSES) on the due date specified on the invoice, WSES may charge the Customer a late payment fee on overdue accounts at a rate equal to the lesser of: (i) two percent (2%) per month (26.8% per annum calculated monthly); and (ii) the maximum legal interest rate allowable. 

Dishonoured Cheque Charge 

If a cheque received by WSES from a Customer in payment of the Sewer User Fee is not honoured by the Customer's financial Institution for any reason, WSES may include a $40.00 charge for processing the returned cheque. 

Failure to Pay Sewer User Fee 

If a Customer fails to pay the Sewer User Fee when due, WSES may forward the Customer's account information to a third party collection agency.