Understand Your Bill

Below is a detailed Sample Annual Bill. Depending on your service address, services may differ.


  1. WEST SHORE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES – Please make all cheques or money orders payable to West Shore Environmental Services Limited Partnership.

    For online payments, please ensure your payee search is for “Westshore” or “West Shore" and not "Corix" as this will cause a delay in processing.

  2. CUST ID NO. – Always refer to your 8-digit customer/account ID number. Remove the decimal from your account number for online payments.

  3. QTY – Displays your annual sewer usage in cubic meters (CM). This number is based on the Capital Regional District winter water usage and will be the greater of the minimum 226.46 cubic meters or actual consumption.

  4. TOTAL – Displays the total amount due to West Shore Environmental Services by July 2.
If you have any questions about your sewer bill, please contact us at 250-478-2187 or at  info.westshore@corix.com.