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COVID-19: A summer of first steps

by Corix Group | Jul 17, 2020

It feels as if summer weather is providing a welcome respite from uncertain times, but it’s also showing us we can’t let our guard down in the fight against this pandemic.
At Corix, we’ve begun taking some cautious first steps in a desired return to normal. They’re designed to ensure you continue to receive safe and reliable wastewater essential services, and our communities stay safe.

First steps to reopening

In March, our COVID-19 Incident Command Team (ICT) put in place comprehensive polices and protocols governing office closures, remote work, physical distancing, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). These measures, among others, are under constant review as we evaluate reopening and a return to more normal operations.
The ICT, with guidance from public health authorities, have determined only a small number of our North American operations currently meet the stringent criteria for reopening. And where reopening does occur, it will be done carefully and methodically. As all our systems continue to function normally, we’re confident these first steps are the right ones.

First steps toward normal business

We were among the first utilities to suspend and reverse service disconnections, and suspend late fees. But as efforts to reopen the economy move forward, some regulators are allowing and encouraging utilities to return to established billing and disconnection policies, while ensuring temporary billing assistance is available for customers financially impacted by COVID-19.
For the moment, we continue to suspend late fees, but we encourage all customers to stay current with payments as much as possible, as unpaid balances may be harder to manage down the road. Should you have any question about your account, please contact Customer Care by email or phone (250) 478-2187.

Email Graphics-08Please help us stay safe

Our maintenance activities continue to function normally, so you may see our field staff working in your community. Please do your part to help them stay safe.

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At the Corix Group of Companies, we’re taking appropriate, science-based actions to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. We’re committed to efforts to control this pandemic and implore you do your part as well. For more information, please contact Customer Care by email or phone (250) 478-2187.
Thank you.