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COVID-19: Meeting the challenge of uncertainty

by Corix Group | Sep 21, 2020


Moving forward into cooler weather, many concerns around COVID-19 remain. At Corix, we've prepared to meet the continued challenges of this pandemic crisis. Wherever the next few months take us, our commitment as a company remains centered on our customers and providing the essential utility services you rely on every day.

COVID-19 and Customer Care

Invoice Reverse Side Graphics-05We continue to suspend late fees, but we encourage all customers to stay current with payments as much as possible, as unpaid balances may be harder to manage down the road. Should you have any question about your account, please contact Customer Care by email or phone (250) 478-2187.

Preparedness Plans

Our operations teams continue to ensure that critical supplies and equipment are always on hand to support our customers and provide access to critical services. Our Incident Command Team is working with local jurisdictions to ensure that Essential Operations Continuity Plans are up to date and that we are prepared for any potential COVID-19 impacts that may arise.

Working Safely: Together

Email Graphics-08Now more than ever safety is at the top of our minds. And we believe our science-based approach to the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented the spread of the virus within our workforce.

Our employees continue to work remotely, or in offices observing strict physical distancing rules. And all our field employees practice physical distancing, and proper mask and Personal Protective Equipment use when performing essential maintenance. When you see utility workers in your community, please allow them a safe distance (min 2 m/6 ft) to do their job.


At the Corix Group of Companies, we’re committed to efforts to control this pandemic, and we view communications with customers as an essential part of our service.  For more information, please contact Customer Care by email or phone (250) 478-2187.

Thank you.