Future of the Neighbourhood Utility Service at UniverCity

Future phases of the Neighbourhood Utility Service (NUS) will eventually require the integration of alternative renewable energy sources to meet the ever-growing energy demand. As the community grows, the energy demand will eventually be large enough to support the development of a new, permanent Central Energy Plant. Following the extensive review of multiple technologies, biomass was selected as the preferred renewable energy source for the Central Energy Plant. This includes urban wood waste from tree cuttings and trimmings, uncontaminated wood waste such as wood chips from sawmills, shavings, hog fuel (an unprocessed mix of bark and wood fiber) and clean construction wood waste.  

Building on the success of the NUS, SFU, SFU Community Trust, and Corix have explored the opportunity to build a larger district energy system that could meet the thermal energy needs of both SFU’s Burnaby campus and the expanding UniverCity community. An extension of the NUS, the proposed Burnaby Mountain District Energy Utility (DEU) will utilize a biomass Central Energy Plant to ultimately serve a population of approximately 10,000 UniverCity residents and an additional 30,000 students, staff, and faculty of the SFU Burnaby campus. 

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District Energy System at UBC