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RDNO Water Service Area Petition Information

Jan 19, 2024

UPDATE Jan 19, 2024
Petition Results

Of the 53 parcels within the RHSA, 22 parcels (42%) provided the RDNO with returned signed petition forms, representing $8,601,400 (39%) of the total assessed value of land and improvements. The RHSA will not be connected to GVW since the minimum threshold of 50% of the parcels, representing at least 50% of the total assessed value of land and improvements that would be subject to a Rolling Hills fee applied to the quarterly utility bill was not achieved.

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OLU Water System - Upgrades Plan (Updated)

RDNO Water Service Area Petition Additional Information

Since the Community Open House on October 17th regarding the Service Area Petition to connect the Okanagan Landing water system to Greater Vernon Water, we’ve received questions we would like to share with all customers.

Question: “If Customers vote not to connect to the RDNO system now, and then the Corix solution is much higher in cost than anticipated, can the Customers go back to RDNO to hook up to city water?”

Answer: From the RDNO: “I suspect that the Board (and RDNO staff) will not entertain this for a very long time and if they do, the conditions will likely be much more onerous. It is a very time intensive process for RDNO to undertake these types of surveys and I doubt the Board would move forward with another one based on just a request from Corix. They may move forward with a petition signed by 75% of the utility residents presented to the Board (as per the Acquisition policy) before they would instruct staff to continue with the process. This petition would need to be completely done by the residents without RDNO participation. The Board could also entertain allowing the customers that front the main on Osprey connecting independently through a Development Variance Permit process if the survey fails as per our bylaws, but we have not discussed that yet with the Board.”

Question: “Under Corix ownership, what would be the cost of upgrades and when would they be completed?”

Answer: Please refer to the OLU Water System - Upgrades Plan that provides a breakdown of the required study(ies) and upgrades, complete with estimated costs and timeframes. Note that the estimated costs and timeframes are highly dependent on the results of the study(ies). As well, the Interior Health Authority and Water Comptroller will need to approve the upgrades plan.

Question: “If someone commutes their payment and then a property in the service area later redevelops / adds units, would the property that commuted get some money back since other properties would receive a reduced fee?”

Answer: No. Once a property commutes, they are done. There will be no impact to them if the rate goes up or down in the future. Residents will be able to commute their fee at any time in the next 20 years based on the fee schedule that RDNO can provide upon request.

Oct 19

Thank you to those who attended the community Open House on October 17th regarding the Service Area Petition to connect the Okanagan Landing water system to Greater Vernon Water. We trust the representatives from Corix Utilities and the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) were able to answer your questions, and provide the information you need to respond to the Petition.

For those that couldn’t attend the Open House, please refer to the Q&A General Brochure for additional information regarding the connection option. As well, copies of the Petition Letter and Petition Form that were mailed to customers by the RDNO in early October, can be found below.

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