Groundwater Source Development Program Update

Corix Utilities is undertaking a program to secure a new drinking water supply for the Panorama community. The Groundwater Source Development Program is necessary for Corix to meet the requirements of Interior Health Authority’s Drinking Water Quality Improvement Program, to replace aging infrastructure and to ensure the long-term security of a safe drinking water source for the utility and its customers.

The purpose of this program is to develop a new drinking water source for the Panorama community so that customers consistently and reliably receive drinking water that meets Interior Health’s water quality requirements and Health Canada’s Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. Associated with the implementation of a new drinking water source is the construction of infrastructure for the transportation of raw water from the well source to a new reservoir and improvements to associated infrastructure.

The following summary outlines the key steps required to implement the program, the stages completed to date and the proposed schedule for implementation of the new system:

Project Task 


Assessment of options for provision of a cost-effective and reliable drinking water source including assessment of current and future demand.


Development of test wells, pump testing and water analysis testing. 


Preliminary engineering design including surveying, preliminary geotechnical assessment, and associated hydrological assessment.


Development of budgeting including costing by specialty contractors and equipment suppliers.


Determination of financing models and securing of financing source for project.


Preparation of application for submission to Comptroller of Water Rights (to be available for public review when accepted by Comptroller).

To be submitted to Comptroller November 2016

Public Open House at Panorama Mountain Resort

Proposed for mid-December 2016 (Based on status of Comptroller’s review of application).

Comptroller of Water Rights’ approval of application and determination that project is in the public interest.

Anticipated early Spring 2017

Final engineering design and tendering of works. Obtain construction permits, Crown land authorizations, MOE approvals, IHA approvals, etc.

Spring/Summer 2017 

Commencement of construction of waterlines, booster station, reservoir, chlorination and UV facilities and other associated infrastructure.

Summer 2017

Submission of new tariff and rate structure to Comptroller of Water Rights to reflect increased costs associated with new water system.

Fall 2017

Commissioning of new water system.

Fall 2018

If you have any questions about the Groundwater Source Development Program for Panorama please contact Richard Haworth.

Panorama Mountain Resort Groundwater Source Development Program Project Application - November 28, 2016