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Water Quality Advisory (Effective Immediately)

posted at 9:52 a.m. April 27, 2018

Effective immediately (April 27, 2018) Corix Multi-Utility Services Inc. has issued a Water Quality Advisory (WQA) for the Panorama Water System.   

  • The Water Quality Advisory is required due to increased turbidity, or cloudiness.

  • Testing shows current water quality is FAIR.

  • The WQA will remain in place until conditions change or water quality has improved.

  • A second notice will be issued once the Water Quality Advisory is rescinded. 

Corix Utilities  and The Interior Health Authority recommend that children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, and anyone seeking additional protection drink boiled water or a safe alternative until further notice. 

For these at-risk populations, water intended for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, making beverages or ice, or brushing teeth should be boiled for at least one minute.

For any questions, concerns, or more information, please call Corix Customer Care at 1-877-788-7277.

Groundwater Source Development Program Update - posted October 14, 2016

Corix Utilities is undertaking a program to secure a new drinking water supply for the Panorama community. Learn more about the Groundwater Source Development Program.

Construction Projects

Did you know? Gas and power, water and sewer and communications lines, all of which service most residential properties, may be buried close to the surface.

Whether you are building a new fence or deck, landscaping or gardening, call before you dig. It is essential that you know what underground utilities are buried in or near your dig job site in order to avoid disruption of an essential service, damage to property, personal injury or loss of life.

By calling BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 or *6886 on the Telus or Rogers cellular networks, all the member utility companies provide underground utility service location information at no charge to you.

Remember, if you are disturbing the soil for any reason, regardless of the depth, play it safe, make the call.

For complete information on BC One Call, visit

For propane line locates, please contact Corix Utilities at 250-341-6158.

For electrical locates, please contact Toby Creek Utilities at 250-342-6941.

Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing Program

Fire hydrant maintenance is an important program for the water utility. Flushing of the distribution system begins in the spring after last frost and a full fire hydrant tear down inspection and flushing takes place in the late fall before frost. During this time customers may notice a slight discolouration of the water.

This flushing program ensures that all fire hydrants work properly and flushing helps to improve the water quality. Flushing may cause some cloudiness to your water during the flushing program, however, there are no health risks associated. Corix staff will continue to diligently monitor the water quality through the process.

If you experience some cloudiness, colour or air bubbles, please flush water through your taps for 2 to 5 minutes. If your water does not clear up or you experience any other problems, please contact Corix Utilities at 250-341-6158.

Gas Meter Replacements

Weights and Measures Canada requires the Utility to test and calibrate gas meters every seven years to ensure accurate measuring of the gas provided to customers. The meter replacements are scheduled to occur towards the end of the summer. Notices will be mailed to those customers affected.

Meter Access

Corix Utilities asks for customer support with keeping gas and water meters clear of objects that may prevent safe access for monthly meter reading. Seasonal changes may block or prohibit access due to snow, ice, leaves, shrubs or plant growth. By helping to keep your meters clear will permit easy access which enables quick and accurate reads. Meter reading is generally done within the last 5 days of each month. We appreciate your help by checking that the meters are accessible during this time.

Turbidity Levels

Corix Utilities is committed to providing clean, potable drinking water to residents of Panorama. Water quality is monitored to ensure Interior Health Authority (IHA) guidelines are met. One of the quality measurement indicators we use is Turbidity, a measure of suspended particles in the water. The Turbidity Index provided by IHA indicates water quality as Good (<1 NTU), Fair (1-5 NTU) or Poor (>5 NTU). Increased turbidity during snow melt and periods of heavy rainfall increase the risk for gastrointestinal illness. As part of Corix’s commitment, we will be notifying customers of changing turbidity levels via email and by posting notices throughout Panorama.

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