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Billing Change Notice

Jun 11, 2021

Please be advised that the billing frequency for Prince of Peace will change effective July 1, 2021.

Currently, customers are invoiced quarterly with the invoice being mailed out in the month subsequent to quarter end. Invoices for the quarter ending June 30, 2021 relating to the period April to June 2021 will be mailed by July 15, 2021.

Starting July 1, 2021, Corix Utilities will be sending out invoices after each month end.

Sage Utilities is moving to monthly invoicing based on the current monthly fixed fee water and sewer rates. See the terms, conditions and tariff documents for Water and Sewer located on the Corix website for Prince of Peace for information on the current fixed fees used to calculate your monthly (and quarterly) invoice.

To control costs, meter readings will occur on a quarterly basis – June 25th, September 24th and December 29th. The meter read information on the invoice will carry forward each month until the next quarter end meter read is taken. At this point, the meter reading for the quarter will be updated on the invoice and you will be able to see your water consumption for the quarter.

The schedule for issuing water and sewer invoices is tentatively scheduled as follows:

Service Period     Invoice Mailed by date    
 Apr-Jun 2021  Jul 15, 2021
 Jul 2021   Aug 6, 2021
 Aug 2021  Sep 8, 2021
 Sep 2021   Oct 15, 2021
 Oct 2021  Nov 5, 2021
 Nov 2021  Dec 7, 2021
 Dec 2021  Jan 15, 2022

The invoicing schedule is subject to change and is dependent on when Rocky View County takes over operations and billing customers.

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