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Meter Installation Project



Meter Installation Project

Why is the City of Prince Albert installing new water meters and transmitters?

The City of Prince Albert is modernizing its water system infrastructure to provide the community with better water conservation and leak detection information, as well as to reduce the cost of operation.

Corix Water Products has been contracted by the City to supply and install the new metering technology.  

Can I opt-out of the installation?

No. All meters must be replaced without exception. Water meters are owned by the City of Prince Albert, and any owner, tenant, or occupant must allow the City or its authorized agent’s access to read, inspect, or replace the meter (Bylaw No. 37 of 2017). 

What is an AMA/advanced meter?

Your new transmitter is equipped with an advanced metering analytics (AMA) system which includes features such as leak detection, backflow monitoring, and remote meter reading.  AMA technology enables two-way communication over a fixed network between the utility system and the metering transmitters. AMA radios remotely transmit water-consumption information for individual water accounts. Watch a video on how this type of meter works.

Who will pay for my new water meter?

The City of Prince Albert is responsible for the cost of the meter equipment and basic installation. The new meters and installation is free as long as you have a shut off valve in working condition. A discounted flat rate of $100 will be charged for the water valve that needs to be replaced in residential properties. The cost for the new water valve will be charged to the property owner. You may request that the fee be billed over a twelve (12) month period.    

Are there health effects from the radio frequency from the new transmitters?

No. There are no known health hazards from AMA devices when used within established guidelines. The signals emitted by the new meters are of relatively low power, similar to cell phones and Wi-Fi equipment. The maximum amount of power that a smart meter device can transmit must comply with Industry Canada and other health and safety agencies including the EPA, FDA, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 


When will installations take place?

Meter replacements and transmitter installations will start in April 2019. We will perform the work Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 8:00pm, and on Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Where will the new meter be installed?

Your new meter will be installed in the same area as your current metering equipment. Every effort will be made to minimize the impact to your home or business.

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How long will the installation take?

Installations take approximately 30 minutes to one hour depending on the requirements of the particular residence or business. During this time, water is typically unavailable for approximately 10 minutes.     

Can I install the new transmitter myself?

No. Corix Water Products has a contract to supply and install the transmitters. Every installer is professionally trained to install the new metering technology.


Will there be any changes to my bill?

Your bill will begin to reflect your actual water usage, rather than an estimate. You will continue to receive your bill on the same schedule as before the upgrade.

How will my new advanced meter be read?

Your new meter will allow the City to read your usage remotely over the LTE cellular network. The City will not need to visit your property to obtain a reading. 

Can I read my  water meter?

Yes, you can manually read your meter by lifting the lid on the encoder to view the dial face. Learn how to read your new meter. In addition, you may download the EyeOnWater mobile app to view and understand your water use through easy-to-understand consumption graphs and to set-up alerts to better manage your water use.

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

When can I start using my EyeOnWater mobile app?

You will be able to download and access the app within a month of the installation of your new meter and transmitter. To sign up all you need is your account number (found on your water bill) and postal code.

How is the City protecting my personal data and water usage data?

Your meter reading data is encrypted with the same technology many Canadian financial institutions use, and identifiable customer information is never stored or transmitted by the advanced meters. In addition to the encryption, only a unique code that identifies the transmitter in the advanced meter and your read will be sent to the City.