Valve Chambers – Canada

Corix Water Products supplies a variety of valve chambers to meet your project needs. Our in-house engineering team will work with you to design a custom-built chamber utilizing industry-recognized and approved products for reducing, metering, isolation, throttling, or balancing purposes.

Applications include:

  • Pressure management stations to maintain a constant downstream pressure regardless of the inlet pressure
  • Backflow preventer systems to minimize the risk of water contamination and system damage due to backflow
  • Flow metering systems to accurately monitor and control flow rates
  • Air valve stations to eliminate air from systems for optimal line flow performance
  • Level control systems to maintain and prevent overflow in tanks, towers, and reservoirs
  • Isolation valve stations to control the flow of media (water, sewage, etc.) for maintenance or safety purposes

To learn more about our valve chambers or to request a quote, contact your nearest branch.

Corix Water Products Chamber

To learn more about our custom valve chambers or to request a quote, contact your nearest branch: