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Corix Water Products is your “one-stop shop” for mechanical products. We offer a comprehensive range of integrated solutions to meet the needs of engineers and contractors in commercial, institutional, and industrial construction.

From floor drains and valves to pipe, fittings and channel drains, our team will help you find the right product to fit your mechanical needs. We carry:

  • Thermoplastic pipe
  • Valves, fittings, and related products for plumbing and mechanical applications
  • Potable water distribution
  • Drain, water and vent (DMV) products
  • Fire protection products
  • Solvent cements (used by contractors for joining PVC, CPVC, and ABS pipe and fittings)
  • Sloped channel drains (stormwater management, efficient irrigation, and flow management for residential and commercial applications)
  • Steel pipe (structural pipe used for dock piling, pipe piling, bollards, trenches, mining applications, etc.)
Corix Water Products is your one-stop shop for quality mechanical products.

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Drain Waste Vent (DWV) Systems


Pipe and Fittings


   - Acid-Resistant

Georg FischerOrion* | Chemline

   - Cast Iron

Bibby Ste-Croix

   - Insulated

Urecon Pre-Insulated Pipe | Uponor

   - PVC

Georg FischerIPEX | Lasco Fittings
NAPCO | Spears

Pressure Application HDPE Pipe

JM Eagle* | KWH Pipe/Uponor Infra | Performance Pipe | Duraline | Polytubes

Non-Pressure Application HDPE Pipe

ADS | Armtec/Aqua Q*Snap-Tite* | Weholite

Specialty HDPE Pipe


Injection Molded Factory Mutual (FM)
HDPE Fittings

Georg Fischer | Performance Pipe
Rahn Plastics

Fabricated HDPE Fittings

Independent Piping Products | Plasson
Specified Fittings

Fabricated Factory Mutual (FM)
HDPE Fittings

Independent Piping Products | Plasson
Specified Fittings

Specialty HDPE Fittings

Improved Piping Products | Poly-Cam

Electrofusion Fittings

Georg Fischer | Friatec | Rahn Plastics



   - Butterfly Valves

Challenger Valve | Clow** | Crispin Valve | Mueller | SMG Valves*

   - Compression Fitting Valves


   - Control Valves

ASCO Valve | Cla-Val | Singer Valve

   - Plastic Valves

Chemline Plastics | Georg Fischer | Spears

- Pressure Reducing and
Backwater Valves

Apollo Valves (Conbraco) | Ross Valve
Watts | Zurn**

Floor/Roof Drains and Clean-Outs

Jay R. Smith | Watts | Zurn**

Sloped Channel Drains


Hose Bibs and Hydrants

Boshart** | Jay R. Smith

Grooved Fittings


Pex Systems

Uponor | CB Supplies (Vanguard)*


AY McDonaldBarnes | Grundfos
Liberty Pumps | Ruhrpumpen*

Backflow Preventers

Apollo Valves (Conbraco) | Watts | Zurn**

Chambers and Packaged Systems

Corix Water Products

Clamps, Couplings and Saddles

Krausz | Robar | Romac Industries
 Smith-Blair** | Straub

Solvent Cements

IPS Corporation | Weld-On

* Not available in Ontario
** Available in Ontario only

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