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Corix Water Products is your complete source for pump products and solutions. Our experienced sales team understands the pump market and will find the right solution and products to meet all your pump needs.

We distribute a wide range of products to serve commercial developers, municipalities, utility contractors, industrial, mining, food and beverage and irrigation customers. These include:

  • Ground water down-hole submersibles and jet pumps
  • Fire pump packages
  • Chemical transfer pumps - alloy and non-metallic centrifugal and mag-drive pumps
  • Vertical turbine and mixed flow pumps
  • Municipal water booster: end-suction, split-case, vertical in-line and canned vertical turbine pumps
  • Positive displacement lobe, metering, progressing cavity and gear pumps
  • Submersible sewage, sump, grinder and effluent pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Pump accessories and complete pre-assembled FRP sewage packages
Applications include municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment, potable water transmission, sump and sewage ejection as well as decorative fountain pumps.

Explore the full range of pump products we distribute within Canada.
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API 610 Pumps


Commercial Submersible Pump Packages

AY McDonald | Barnes | Grundfos | 
Liberty Pumps

General Industry, Chemical Transfer, 
and Metering Pumps

Ampco Pumps* | AY McDonald | Barnes |  Burks*Deming* | Grundfos | 
LobePro Rotary Pumps | Paco* | Prosser* | Sethco | Summit Pump | WARRENDER | Weinman*

Marine Pumps (ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, LRS, GL, RINA, RS, and more)

Ampco Pumps | Barnes | DESMI Pumps |
Iron Pumps (Iron A/S) | Kracht Pumps | TRIK Pumps | Viking Pump

Mining Pumps

Barnes | Burks | Deming | Grundfos | 
LobePro Rotary Pumps*Paco | 
Prosser | SimFlo Pumps | Summit Pump | Weinman

Municipal Water/Wastewater Pumps

AY McDonald* | Barnes | Burks |  Deming | Grundfos | Paco | Prosser | 
Ruhrpumpen*SimFlo Pumps | Summit Pump | Weinman

Food Pumps

Ampco Pumps | LobePro Rotary Pumps | Viking Pump

Groundwater Well Pumps

AY McDonald* | Grundfos

Drainage Pumps

AY McDonald* | Barnes | Crown | 
Grundfos | Liberty Pumps | Prosser | Summit Pump

Agricultural/Irrigation Pumps

AY McDonald* | Grundfos | National Pump Company | Rain Bird | Summit Pump

Fire Pumps


Pump Controls, Variable Speed Drive, Constant Pressure Systems

Alderon IndustriesBoshart Industries | Franklin Electric | MAAS Midwest Manufacturing | SJE Rhombus

Grinders, shredders, screens, and crushers Franklin Miller
Filtration and pump protection solutions, sand separators, reverse flushing filters, cartridge filters, self-cleaning screens Lakos
Rotary lobe positive displacement sludge pumps, chemical and corrosive API 676 pumps Lobepro Rotary Pumps

*Not available in Ontario

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