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Corix Water Products supplies a complete inventory of water and wastewater valves from leading manufacturers. Common applications include industrial, mechanical, fire line, water distribution, transmission, water and wastewater treatment service.

Explore the complete line of valve products we distribute within Canada.

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Air Valves

Crispin Valve 

Check Valves 

Clow | Crispin Valve | Mueller | Proco
Shurjoint | Warren Valve

Plug Valves 

SMG Valves 

Gate Valves 

Clow | Mueller | Red-White Valve

Knife Gate Valves 

Elite ValveRoss Valve

Butterfly Valves 

Challenger Valve | Mueller | Shurjoint 

Control Valves 

Cla-Val | Ross Valve | Singer Valve 

Solenoid Valves 

ASCO Valve 

Globe Valves 

Warren Valve

Thermoplastic Valves 

Chemline Plastics | Georg Fischer 
IPEX | Spears

Actuated Valves 

Chemline Plastics | Georg Fischer

Ball Valves 

Apollo Valves | Red-White Valve
Warren Valve  

Pressure Reducing Valves

Ross Valve  

Wastewater Valves

Ross Valve

We also manufacture  complete engineered products and packaged systems. Our team of professional engineers, CAD designers and instrumentation technicians will work with you to select and design the right package or system.

  • Pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations
  • Valve chambers (backflow preventer systems, air valve stations, flow metering systems, reservoir control systems)
  • Pump packages
  • Hatches
  • Fabricated pipe systems
  • Packaged systems with enclosed buildings

To learn more about the valves we carry or to request a quote, contact your nearest branch.

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To learn more about the valve products we carry or to request a quote, contact your nearest branch: