Water Meter Testing

Corix Water Products is your expert source for metering devices, meter maintenance, meter testing, and meter reading.

We provide custom solutions and systems, including a comprehensive line of meter devices, reliable meter reading, effective meter maintenance, and accurate on- and off-site meter testing.

Water meter testing provides the information required to determine the accuracy of your meter fleet so you can make informed decisions about the repair and replacement of aging water meters. By ensuring that meters are working at their best, testing allows for accurate billing and optimal revenues that will in turn, enhance your systems and support your customer base.

We provide: 
  • Qualified, trained, and experienced personnel
  • Certified testing equipment
  • Safe operating procedures 
  • Mobile testing equipment for in situ testing 
  • Testing, repairs, and re-calibration to AWWA and/or municipality standards 
  • Electromagnetic software and instruments 
  • Leak detection 
  • On-site field service across Canada 
Meters tested include:
  • Positive displacement meters
  • Compound meters 
  • Turbo meters 
  • High performance turbine meters 
  • Fire service meters 
  • Magnetic flow meters
  • Open channel flumes 
  • Sewage flow meter applications 
  • Ultrasonic meters 

Residential Meter Testing

Corix Water Products tests individual meters to resolve disputes or larger lots of meters as part of a maintenance program to determine the optimal age for replacement. Customers have the option to have these done in the field or benchtested in one of our Flow Lab Facilities.

Commercial Meter Testing

Corix Water Products safely, accurately, and quickly tests commercial meters to determine if they are correctly registering the volumes of water they process. While commercial meters likely make up a small percentage of your total meter fleet, the volumes they measure can represent 60 to 80 percent of your water revenue. Likewise, under-registering commercial meters represent the largest percentage of your potential lost revenue. Commercial water meters process a high volume of water and may lose accuracy more quickly than residential meters. Testing and maintenance can be easily arranged and the costs are low in comparison to revenues lost as a result of inaccurate meters. 

In Situ Testing

Our team uses specialized meter testing equipment to test meters on-site. These units allow us to bring to you everything required to test your meters – including the experts, specialized equipment, and a supply of required parts. We test meters in their current environment, allowing calibrating and repairs to achieve optimum performance. On-site repairs reduce downtime to the customer, thus making in-field testing and maintenance a crucial part of a supplier’s water system.

In addition to mechanical flow meter testing, Corix Water Products offers verifications, installation, and commissioning of electromagnetic flow meters and transit time ultrasonic. We use many different instruments and software to ensure these devices are in normal operation.

Water Meter Test Bench

Corix Water Products provides in-house testing from our two Ford Water Meter Test Benches in Canada. Our test benches are capable of testing all meter makes and models up to 10”, and allow us to perform in-house tests for residential water meter disputes for customers (including cities, municipalities, public and private water companies) across Canada. It has three lines for different sizes of meters and, depending on what meter size is being tested, it can test up to 8 meters at a time. The process is used to ensure meter accuracy, and works by pumping water through the meters at different flow levels.

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