Water Utility Services 

As specialists in water and wastewater infrastructure, Corix Water Products provides a comprehensive range of water utility products and services to meet all of your system needs. Whether you are looking to fix a problem or prevent one, our team of certified technicians can ensure that all aspects of your system operate properly and provide safe and reliable service.

We work with private and commercial property owners as well as the municipal, industrial, mining, and agricultural sectors across Canada. We provide support for all aspects of your infrastructure and ensure that each component within your water, wastewater, and drainage systems works effectively.

In addition to our expertise with the products we sell and the services we offer, Corix Water Products brings to your projects the comprehensive knowledge, proven technology, and innovative ideas. You also benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that we have proactively analyzed the project pre-requisites and requirements, conducted a risk analysis, and taken measures to ensure that your systems works properly.

Count on our certified experts

Our team of factory trained technicians holds millwright, mechanic, and machinist certifications. All pump technicians, who are certified in pump installation and repair, specialize in providing reliable and accurate workmanship.

Corix Water Products maintains high safety standards to promote the safety of our employees and the communities in which we work. In addition to our core safety programs, our technicians also receive specialized training, including confined space awareness, rescue techniques, and fall protection, to address the unique characteristics of their work conditions.

A one-stop shop for your water utility infrastructure

Our flexible and comprehensive selection of products and services serves every aspect of your water and wastewater infrastructure, giving you a convenient and dependable one-stop-shop for all your infrastructure needs. Corix Water Products supplies, designs, manufactures, installs, maintains, repairs, and tests a wide range of parts and systems.

Hydrants and valves

  • Fire hydrant servicing and testing


  • Supply, system design, manufacturing, installations, maintenance, repairs, and performance testing
  • Motor upgrades, overhauls, and repairs
  • Dewatering, irrigation, and fountain pump repairs

Piping infrastructure

  • Hot tapping
  • Design, supply, and fabrication of HDPE fittings


  • Production well testing and disinfection
  • Down hole well video inspection, recording, and reporting

Lift stations

  • Supply, installations, maintenance, and repairs


  • Kiosk supply, installations, and upgrades


  • Water and wastewater treatment plant repairs, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Reservoir cleaning, coating, and disinfecting
  • Installation of static mixers and sampling lines


  • On-site installations and crane service
  • Fusion machine rentals, repairs, sales, and training (to fuse thermoplastic pipes)

Whether your work needs to be done on site or would benefit from our full-service testing and repair shop, your needs will be addressed promptly, efficiently, and accurately.

We document all testing, maintenance, and repair work to provide you with a comprehensive description of the original circumstances and the work we completed. Our reports provide you with an easily tracked and documented history of the equipment in your system, making it easier for you to plan for the future and make educated decisions regarding equipment maintenance and replacement.

Contact us to discuss your service, installation, and repair needs.

Pump Control Kiosk Supply and Installation

Lift Station Supply and Installation