Ridge Harbor

Corix Utilities provides the community of Ridge Harbor with retail water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment services.

The Ridge Harbor Water System gets its water from Lake Travis, one in a chain of lakes in the Hill Country formed by dams on the Colorado River. The lakes collect and store rainfall that runs off the surrounding land. Water is pumped to a treatment plant, where alum is added to make particles clump together and settle out. Filters remove any remaining particles. The addition of chloramines eliminates disease causing organisms. Treated water is pumped to your home. 

Phase 2 Interim Rates

The Administrative Law Judge has granted Phase 2 interim rates, effective November 1, 2016.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Utility Rate Adjustment.

Water Use Restrictions

Ridge Harbor is currently following Stage 1 Watering Restrictions. See the Landscape Watering Schedule.

Drinking Water Quality Report

Download the 2016 Ridge Harbor Drinking Water Quality Report (pdf PDF 1058 KB).

US EPA Corix Spicewood Beach Case Study

Corix's Spicewood Beach water system was recently profiled in the US Environmental Protection (EPA)’s Drought Response and Recovery Guide. This guide provides drinking water utilities with practical solutions to prepare for, respond to, and recover from drought.

Read the case study about the Spicewood Beach story.

Have an Emergency?

In the case of an emergency, call our 24-hour emergency line at 1-877-718-4396.


En caso de emergencia llame nuestra linea de emergencia 24 horas, al numero 1-877-718-4396.