District Energy

Although the concept has been around for well over 100 years, many smart decision-makers are taking a second look at district energy. Its centralized production and distribution of heating and cooling provides an economical, scalable, eco-friendly, and smart solution to many needs within a building complex, neighborhood, or community.

Corix has over 100 years of experience with all aspects of utility creation, operation, and maintenance. We are committed to providing safe, cost-effective, and sustainable utility infrastructure.

What is district energy?

District energy systems use a central energy plant to provide efficient heating, cooling, and hot water to a group of buildings. A district energy system can be incorporated into an existing development or installed as part of new construction to provide numerous benefits for owners and end-users alike. 

A district energy system’s central energy plant either generates or extracts heat from a renewable source, such as
wood waste, sewer heat, or waste heat captured from other processes. The system distributes the heat/cool energy through an underground piping network to heat exchangers located in each building. These heat exchangers provide space heating or cooling and domestic hot water to the building HVAC system. 

District Energy Diagram

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