Benefits of District Energy Systems

District energy systems provide a number of short and long-term benefits for the owner and end-user alike.

  • Flexible building design - The elimination of the conventional or traditional (boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, domestic hot water heaters, electric baseboards, or any other heat production equipment) HVAC system requirement expands the number of possible building design options. In addition, on-demand hot water systems can eliminate the need for multiple hot water storage tanks, further increasing usable space.

  • Lower operations and maintenance costs - District energy systems have none of the costs normally associated with in-building heating systems, including boilers, multiple storage tanks, and other associated equipment as well as related insurance, maintenance, upgrade, and replacement costs.

  • Better energy delivery - Centralized production of thermal energy enables highly efficient delivery of heating and cooling to each building. 

  • Increased price stability - The use of alternative fuel sources reduces exposure to fluctuating gas and electricity prices.

  • Enhanced comfort - Radiant sources provide a more comfortable, effective heat than can be provided by electric baseboard heaters. The system can also provide cooling. 

  • Reduced carbon footprint - The system’s use of alternative energy sources and greater efficiency produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than what is produced by fossil fuel-based systems.

Corix’s district energy experts use biomass, waste heat recovery, and GeoExchange systems and can create an energy system that uses one or more of these sources in combination with a traditional fuel source, when required for redundancy and high-use periods. The choice depends on factors such as location, available resources, and energy requirements.

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