Sources of District Energy

District energy systems can use one or more energy sources – many of which use affordable renewable sources and produce minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Corix has experience with a wide variety of sustainable energy sources, including biomass, waste heat recovery, and GeoExchange.


Biomass systems create energy from renewable organic matter. Materials once considered waste, such as clean wood construction waste and other wood residue sources (slash piles, hog fuel, etc.), can be put to good use. Combustion or gasification of the woody biomass produces thermal energy in the form of steam, hot water or heat thermal oil; this thermal energy can not only be utilized for heating and hot water, but also to turn turbines and generators that create power.


Biogas systems capture and use energy that was once lost to the atmosphere. Decomposing garbage and manure produce methane gas, which can be collected and used in a power plant to generate electricity or sold as a renewable natural gas source (RNG).


GeoExchange systems capture energy stored in the ground, pass it through a heat exchanger or heat pump, and re-distribute it throughout the system. They produce an extremely clean and energy-efficient method of heating and cooling.

Corix Utilities designed and installed an integrated multi-utility system at Sun Rivers Resort, British Columbia, and we are now responsible for its long-term management.

Corix Dockside Green Woody Biomass

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