Hybrid Energy Systems

Hybrid sustainable energy systems either combine multiple energy sources to provide one utility or they use one energy source to provide more than one type of utility. A multiple energy source system ensures increased reliability and optimal performance during peak-load times. A multiple utility system can make efficient use of an abundant energy source. Both types of hybrids can provide useful solutions to constraints caused by location, available energy sources, infrastructure limitations, and system requirements.

As a fully integrated provider of essential utility infrastructure products, services, and systems for water, wastewater, and sustainable energy, Corix is ideally positioned to combine energy sources and systems to create the optimal hybrid system for your project.

Corix will work with you to identify your requirements, analyze your opportunities, and design a sustainable hybrid energy system that provides the high efficiency, increased reliability, low emissions, and affordability your project demands.

With Corix’s flexible utility financing options, you can access the critical infrastructure you need, when you need it. Together, we can deliver energy efficiencies that address the need for higher capacity, scalable systems, and lower emissions.

Read about some of Corix’s hybrid energy projects:

Corix Beaver Barracks Hybrid System

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